July 24-26, 2022 Kalahari Resort Round Rock, Texas

Dealer Roundtable Discussions


Dealer Roundtable Discussions offer an opportunity to visit with a small group of fellow dealers and talk about the challenges and opportunities in the industry. No one understands your issues better than another dealer and the best ones are here, discussing their personal experiences. Choose the topics that appeal to you the most, then come share your stories, listen and learn from successful Texas dealers just like you (Dealers only, please).

Check out our 2021 dealer roundtable topics below.

All Things Retail
Once you find this table you might want to make yourself comfortable as the conversation will vary in content, but it will all be exclusive for the Retail Dealer:  We’ll start with Best 20 Group Ideas Ever for Retail, followed by a discussion on Compensation Plans for Sales and Finance Personnel and we’ll end up Finding the Right Lenders.

Best 20 Group Ideas Ever for BHPH Dealers
This crowd-favorite topic could not be missing from the line-up.  What great ideas will be shared this year among the participants? You can only find out by participating in this roundtable.

Marketing & Advertising: Where Is Your Best Spend?
A lot of money changes hands in the advertising and marketing world, but where are dealers getting the most bang for their buck? Hear from other dealers about strategies they have used and share your own thoughts on what has produced the best results for your business.

Pandemic in the Rearview Mirror – What to Carry Forward and What to Leave Behind
This will be a Show-and-Tell of the lessons learned from the pandemic and how it forced and accelerated many changes in the way we do business. Find out from other dealers what changes they implemented and what they are keeping going forward because it made their business better.

All About CPI, Debt Cancellation Agreements, and GAP
Come to the first session if you are fairly new in the business and would like to participate in an Open Conversation About the Pros and Cons of these products.  Now, if you want to Determine Which one is Best for your Business and How to Improve your Penetration stick around for sessions two or three.

 Compliance – Balancing Risk with Profit
In an ideal world every dealer would be 100% compliant in every single aspect of the industry but the real world tells us such a dealer would never be able to survive economically on that pursuit so…. Where is the balance?  This table will include some attorneys to help you navigate that answer.

Struggles of A Starting (Brand New) Dealer
If you are new to the industry and are encountering some hurdles in your journey, I can guarantee you are not alone!  Come to this session where you can bounce ideas off fellow newbies but most importantly, make some new friends and connections that can serve as support for the upcoming years. You may be a new dealer, but we are all in this together.

 Collections: Balancing the Carrot and the Stick
Charge-offs and delinquencies are part of the business, but how much is too much for a BHPH dealer? Talk with other dealers fighting the day-to-day battle of keeping the payments coming and hear what they are doing to win.

 Employee Compensation Plan that Works for BHPH Dealers
Whether it is a steady paycheck with an attractive bonus chart, or a strict commission pay plan, you have to keep your employees motivated and satisfied in order to achieve great sales and avoid costly turnover. Find out what is working for other dealers.  We will focus on Compensation for the Sales Team in the first session, Compensation for Collectors in the second session and All Other Employees in the last session.

Sourcing Inventory: Facing the Challenge
It’s the biggest challenge in our industry and prices are as high as they have ever been. Come prepared to have a frank conversation about the challenges and share some of the new ideas. Used cars don’t grow on trees, so where are we going to find them?

 Before You Choose a New DMS (Again)…
Looking for a new Dealer Management Software but can’t decide among all the available choices? Don’t just rely on the number of stars left on the online reviews of the provider websites, instead come hear face-to-face from other dealers what it is that they like -and don’t- of their current DMS.

Nothing Works Without Money but Acquiring Capital Is a Challenge
It takes money to win in today’s business landscape which is becoming increasingly unforgiving. Learn from other successful dealers what challenges they have faced and how they navigate the capital hurdles. Walk away with a game plan to set realistic expectations for today’s market and for growth.