Learning About Compliance the TIADA Annual Conference July 29-31, 2018


The Four Misunderstood Dealer Rules
Corrie Thompson – Director of Enforcement
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Whether you’ve been a dealer for six months or 20 years, you know compliance is one of the biggest day-to-day challenges of your business. In this session you’ll discover the most common mistakes Texas independent dealers make and how you can avoid them. This is all about the gritty details of real dealer operations and learning what TXDMV investigators actually look for.

Repossession and Bankruptcy: Fine Tune Your Process
Michael W. Dunagan – Partner
Jameson & Dunagan, P.C.

This session will provide an in-depth review of the troublesome legal issues surrounding bankruptcies, repossessions and other regulatory and legal minefields that await Texas dealers. Discover repossession practices and procedures to help your dealership withstand scrutiny from state and federal regulators.

Deal Jacket Review
Huffman Lewis – Financial Examiner
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Combining his background in the private financial sector with 12 years of experience at the OCCC, Huff is a regulator who brings a thorough understanding of the marketplace. He will be reviewing actual deal jackets and providing a granular analysis of the documents inside, as well as identify any that are missing.