Learning About Compliance the TIADA Annual Conference July 23-25, 2017


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: GPS Starter Interruption Devices
Eric Johnson – Partner
Hudson Cook

With the FTC investigating whether GPS & starter interrupt devices unfairly violate a borrower’s privacy as part of a broader look into the tracking technologies used in the market, dealers need to know how to prepare. Eric will explain the policies and procedures that dealers need to have in place if they use these devices.

OCCC Deal Jacket Review
Huffman Lewis – Supervising Examiner
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Combining his background in the private financial sector with 10 years of experience at the OCCC, Huff is a regulator who brings a thorough understanding of the marketplace. He will be reviewing actual deal jackets and providing a granular analysis of the documents inside, as well as identify any that are missing.

Getting Into the Rental Business
Robert Baker – Training & Web Development Specialist, Tax Policy
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Adding a rental car component to your business can increase your revenue, both through rental receipts and through future car sales. Learn of the pitfalls and best practices so that your new line of business is compliant and profitable

2017 Legal Trends
Attorney Panel Discussion

In this session, auto industry lawyers who are part of the TIADA Legal Consultation Program will offer insight and best practices that will give dealers the tools they need to navigate the legal landscape. Trends include product recalls, consumerism, and dealer audits. Have all your questions ready. We have the legal experts to answer.

The Four Most Misunderstood Dealer Rules
Bill Harbeson – Enforcement Director
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

A longtime favorite at our conference, this session features the Enforcement Division staff who will talk about something that you can’t get at the national events: Texas laws that apply to Texas dealers.

Texas Comptroller Audits: 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid
Rick Miller – Auditor
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

A longtime veteran of the Comptroller’s office, Rick and his staff are intimately familiar with taxability issues that arise in independent dealership audits, from sales tax on GPS units to RFC complexities – and everything in between. This session will focus on the most common issues found in these audits and how dealers can avoid them.

Frequent Fumbles During OCCC Dealer Examinations
Huffman Lewis – Supervising Examiner
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Attendees will benefit from a high-level overview of an OCCC compliance audit, including records retention and a discussion of repossession disposition and account closure. Huff will provide an insider’s analysis of the most common violations recently found in dealer examinations.