Management Day 3About the TIADA Annual Conference July 23-25, 2017


Winning with Hispanics: Your Sales Growth Opportunity
Sara Hasson – Senior Vice President, Strategy & Insights

Nearly 40% of Texas’ population is Hispanic, and almost 68% of Texans under age 19 are people of color. This population represents a large chunk of your future sales growth. Sara’s presentation will provide an overview of the nuances of the Hispanic population in Texas, particularly as it relates to used car sales. Backed by Univision’s extensive market studies, this session will explain what dealers can do to nurture this consumer and keep them coming back. Sneak Peak: Radio and television ads work, as long as they are in Spanish. Don’t miss this!

Confidence on Command: Leadership from a Position of Freedom, Not Fear
Chris Cannon – Motivational Speaker
Chris Cannon Empowers

Chris Cannon Hot coffee cools off after a while. Then you have to reheat it. At conferences like ours, attendees are filled with good feelings, not unlike a mug of hot coffee. Once you get home, though, those good feelings can slip away. Come and hear Chris talk shop about under-performing employees, difficult customers, and our internal battles. We promise that this session will “reheat” your enthusiasm for leadership and for life.

An Evolutionary View of Wholesale Acquisition
Majd Saboura – Director, Business Development

There is a wealth of inventory available to dealers these days. With the expected arrival of off-lease vehicles, that inventory will continue to grow. How do you find the right vehicles for your lot in the most efficient way possible? Majd will answer that question and many more during this can’t-miss session.


Becoming the Uncommonly Successful Business Person
Michael York – Author, Speaker, Consultant
Michael York Mastermind Consulting, Inc.

Michael has traveled the country, working with dealers. His presentation will shine a light on how dealers can create a winning culture and he will share some of the best ideas he has seen & heard during his work with independent dealers.

Hear Me, See Me, Sell You
Andrew Myers – Partner
What’s Next Media

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. Andrew’s Ted Talk-style session offers insight into why your dealership should use videos and how to include video in your actual sales process. With video, dealers have an opportunity to grasp a potential customer’s attention and engage them as a person, not simply another sale.  As all good salespeople know, truly selling your customer is always easier than just selling them a car!