July 24-26, 2022 Kalahari Resort Round Rock, Texas

Special Finance and Retail

Disruptive Innovation: Threat or Opportunity

Presented by Tim Kintz – President The Kintz Group

The disruption and competition we’re experiencing from outside forces are unlike any we’ve ever seen before. It’s no longer just the dealership down the street there are new players and disruptors looking to grab our piece of the market. As Independent dealers, we have to do what’s necessary to lead our stores to new horizons and capitalize on our ability to make changes fast compared to the big franchised dealers. It’s up to us as leaders to embrace digital retailing and reinvent ourselves before it’s too late. In this workshop, Tim will help you create a clear vision and action plan to lead your dealership through what lies ahead. First 30 attendees will receive a free copy of Tim’s new book Fearless: Leading and Managing Unbreakable Teams.

Best Practices Kill Sales Growth – How Not to Be A Victim

Presented by Cory Mosley – Company Principal Mosley Strategy Group, LLC

In this contrarian point of view, Cory makes the case that teams focusing on best practices as a means to compete and win in the marketplace are just mastering average. During this high-energy session, Cory shares with attendees how to create a clear path for innovation, separation, and domination within their marketplace. Cory will educate, motivate, and activate attendees by challenging their belief system, discussing the law of diminishing returns, and share how true sales opportunities are created in the modern marketplace. You will leave with a clear path to better develop sales teams and a three-step process to evaluate any part of their business unit. Your organization will not look at sales or business development strategies the same again!

Data, Data, Data, Know Your Numbers to Get Better Gross and Volume

Presented by Jasen Rice – Owner Lotpop

In a sellers’ market, what is happening on your lot is more important that what your competition is doing. In this workshop Jasen will go over what metrics you need to be tracking to increase both gross and volume. We all know the best time to make the most profit on a used car is in its first 30 days, so if you can increase the amount of your sales going out in the first 30 days, your gross will go up. To accomplish that, Jasen will discuss the trickledown effect and show you what you must know, before looking at market data, to make sure you are maximizing your inventory efficiency.