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Special Finance & Retail

Getting the Deal Bought: F&I Tactics for Success
Rebecca Chernek – Principal
Chernek Consulting

Asking the customer “What payment do you have in mind” won’t maximize your profit on the sale. With over three decades of experience in the F&I space, Becky Chernek is an expert on sales staff training. Learn how you can effectively use the franchise-side’s best practices at your retail lot.

IRL: Tech For Real Life Dealers
Gary Graves – Co-Founder

Straight from the headlines! Using real-life scenarios as case studies, Gary will show you how adding a coordinated technology layer to your daily operations can save you from being the next cautionary tale in the independent auto industry.

Habits of Highly Successful Dealers

Kerri Wise – VP of Dealer Education

With nearly 13,000 clients, 2500 of which are independent dealers, TrueCar has its finger on the pulse of what works in our industry. Kerri’s presentation, based on analysis of thousands of sales transactions, will set you up for success based on the numbers.


Real Talk: The Challenges of Special Finance & Retail
Dealer Panel Discussion

You won’t find any consultants or trainers on this panel. What you will find are real dealers talking about the real issues you face every day. Things like retaining back end revenue on approvals, how to market service contracts, and factoring discount fees into your business models and much more.

Effective Targeting – Avoiding Wasting Ad Dollars on the Wrong Target
Kenny Atcheson – Strategic Advisor, Business Coach, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Speaker
Creative Profit Pros

Independent dealers may feel “stuck in the middle” – BHPH has an obvious market (bad credit), Franchise has an obvious market (new vehicles). Discover strategies and targeting for independent dealers to maximize lead flow and eliminate waste in your budget.