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Meeting Digital Consumer Demands through Mobile Pay Solutions
Eugene O’Rourke – Vice President of Marketing

The digital transformation has left no industry untouched, and changes to financial services are moving particularly swiftly. Disruptive technology has created alternative solutions to manage financial transactions, which consumers are eager to adopt. Mobile devices are making it possible to conduct business in mere moments and mobile devices are in almost every hand. Eugene will show you how to leverage this phenomenon and strengthen customer relationships.

Sourcing Inventory through Digital Acquisition Channels
Derek Hansen – Vice President of Offsite Solutions

Dealers are continually looking for new, easier and more affordable ways to find and acquire inventory. The best way to save time and money is through digital sourcing channels. The convenience of digital sourcing plus the security of assurance products open unlimited access and opportunities to new inventory options that are otherwise unavailable at physical auction locations. This session will identify opportunities to make inventory transactions at anytime from anywhere, allowing you more time to focus on retailing cars at your store.

The Power of Texting: It’s Not Just for Sales
Paul Johnson – Director of Sales and Operations
TextMaxx Pro

A smartphone is a texting device with voice capabilities. Your clients prefer texting over calls, voicemails and emails. Are you ready to communicate with your customers the way they prefer? Paul’s interactive presentation will show you how to create a customer experience that is more effective, more engaging, and more profitable.

Leveraging Facebook to Measurably Increase Sales
Andrew Street – CEO, Co-founder
Dealer OMG – Dealer Online Marketing Group

Andrew Street, an online marketing superstar, will demonstrate Facebook’s latest technologies that forward-thinking dealerships can access. His practical insights on using the big data of social media to target your specific audience with pinpoint accuracy. You will walk away with an understanding of tactics that work best to make your ad spend more precise and cost-effective.

Embracing Technology: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Immediately to Help Your Dealership be More Successful Online
Owen Moon – Executive Director
Dealer Accelerator

Have you been wondering how technology and the power of the internet can help grow your dealerships bottom line? It can be overwhelming, especially for independent dealers who are already handling so many responsibilities. In this session we will look at 5 simple things you can do immediately to help your dealership embrace technology and the internet, so you can sell more cars and be more profitable!