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Automotive Disruption: Millennials, Mobile, and Marketing
Zach Klempf – CEO
Selly Automotive

So you have a DMS and a basic website. Now what?! Zach will discuss everything you need to know to modernize your independent dealership and help interface with all of your tech savvy customers. Learn about the must-have solutions for your dealership at this exciting, informative session that is unlike anything you’ve seen at a dealer conference.

Creating the Personal Touch on Your Website
Ilana Zur – Head of Business Development

The automotive industry is in the beginning of a digital revolution. This shift to digital can take away from the family business feel, or the face-to-face element, of traditional car sales. This session will focus on implementing the right technology on your website and using it to support your dealership.
Special Feature: Ilana agreed to review three Texas dealers’ websites. She will reveal the results during this session.

Facebook Advertising Strategy from a Facebook Partner
Gabrielle Garrison – Partner

You’ve probably seen Gabrielle on Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social media platform. She is passionate and knowledgeable about the digital advertising landscape. She will help you strategize a variety of advertising objectives to build a strong Facebook presence. Facebook has many advertising solutions that can help reach car buyers at all stages of the buying cycle and this session will examine them all.

Online Reputation: How to Level the Online Playing Field
Dan Wright – Regional Sales Director

If you sell five cars per month or 100, this session is for you. Dan Wright will share his expertise in the importance of customer experience and demonstrate how dealerships can influence purchase decisions by streamlining the management of online reviews. Online, everyone- from the smallest lot to the largest conglomerate- looks the same.

Meet Customers Where They Are: SEO for Local Customers
Tracy Amato – Executive Director
Auction123, an ARI Company

Your customers begin their shopping process online, even if they live around the corner from your lot. This seminar will cover a variety of processes dealers can implement right away to increase their local traffic via Internet marketing strategies. Topics include a high-level overview of SEO techniques to increase local search results, the importance of quality images and descriptions for your inventory, Craigslist consistency and effectiveness, and how to build a strong presence on review sites to boost local traffic.

Modern Day Business Processes
Neale O’Bannion

You’ve been successful this long for a reason. What will derail your continued success is the sheer volume of things that dealers today are required to do. Your CRM system should not add to your burden. Neale’s sole focus is on helping dealers be more relevant to their customers. By using CRM to create a customer experience like Apple or Amazon, you can anticipate your customer’s needs and cultivate a profitable, longtime relationship.

Navigating the Media Landscape
Kenny Atcheson, Strategic Advisor, Business Coach, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Speaker
Creative Profit Pros

There are so many advertising strategies to consider that it is maddening. Kenny will reveal what you must be doing and how to capitalize on more profitable strategies regardless of your budget or team size.

Texting: The New Frontier in Car Sales
Mike Berg – Director, Western Division

Did you know that consumers between the ages of 18-24 will send out 21 texts versus making one phone call? And they’re not the only ones texting.  Text messages are the preferred communication among millions of car buyers, young and old alike. In today’s digital environment, it’s imperative for you to meet consumers where they are, and to communicate with them in the manner they prefer. But how do you make texting a streamlined, compliant, and beneficial program for your dealership and ultimately, for your customers?  Mike will show you how.