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Outside the Box

Outside the box education in the expo hall gives dealers the chance to maximum engagement on a whole other level in a free-flowing open space learning environment!


Fraud impacts every Texas auto dealer. Potential customers show up with fake IDs, counterfeit pay stubs, fabricated utility bills and more. Now that stealing a car using a key is close to impossible, thieves are “stealing” vehicles on the front end through auto financing. The Houston Police Department’s Vehicle Fraud Unit brings the full force of their office to combating document fraud. Three of the Unit’s officers will lead a hands-on presentation where dealers will handle confiscated fraudulent documents, learn how to spot a fake ID and discover steps they can take to lessen the risk of accepting one of these things. Don’t stop at simply looking at a document and making a copy for the file. Make sure that the person in front of you is exactly who they say they are.


You now have the ability to correct those pesky toll charges generated from fraudulent temporary tags and save a significant amount of money. During this session you will hear directly from the TxDOT Toll Operations Division on how they are working with TIADA to address toll bills that pop up from fraudulent temporary tags. Come check out the new TIADA Portal that will allow you to report fraudulent temporary tag activity and put you back in the driver’s seat.


Everyone from the smallest lot to the largest multi-location corporation has certain things in common- transferring titles, working with attorneys, and financing inventory and/or customers. TIADA gathered expert automotive attorneys, third party lenders, and the elected TACs of the largest counties in Texas to address common challenges that dealers face when interacting with each of them. Three separate panels. 12 industry pros. One unique opportunity to improve your bottom line with expert advice.


After a brief hiatus, dealer roundtable discussions have returned! These discussions are held BY dealers FOR dealers, creating a remarkably open environment where some of the top professionals in the state will discuss best practices, share their honest opinions about the industry, and give you a chance to do so as well.
  ♦  Best 20 Group Ideas Ever for Retail
      Stop by to share and hear the best ideas in RETAIL from the best dealers in RETAIL who have made this topic our hottest for years.
  ♦  Best 20 Group Ideas Ever for BHPH
      Stop by to share and hear the best ideas in BHPH from the best dealers in BHPH who have made this topic our hottest for years.
  ♦  Collections: Balancing the Carrot and the Stick
      Charge-offs and delinquencies are part of the business, but how much is too much for a BHPH dealer? Talk with other dealers fighting the day-to-day battle of keeping the payments coming,       and hear what they are doing to win.
  ♦  Marketing & Advertising: Where is Your Best Spend?
      A lot of money changes hands in the advertising and marketing world, but where are dealers getting the most bang for their buck? Hear from other dealers about strategies they have used, and       share your own thoughts on what has produced the best results for your business.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering you’ve bought or traded for a “framer” or a vehicle with flood damage. This highly interactive workshop will allow you to inspect vehicles and learn exactly how to spot the most commonly overlooked types of damage. Learn first-hand how the real experts assess vehicle value.


Who will be crowned best salesperson in Texas? Some of the top sales people will demonstrate their ability to enhance the value of a vehicle for a customer, simply by highlighting the connection between what the customer wants and how a particular vehicle satisfies those desires. The winner will receive cold hard cash. Come watch, or participate, but don’t miss it!


A quick turnaround in reconditioning used cars is vital because you’re paying for every day you carry a vehicle. This hands-on workshop will show exactly what it takes to turn a dirty, dull vehicle into a front line ready vehicle. Kick-start your auto reconditioning process and be on your way to quicker sales, higher sales prices, and supremely satisfied customers.