July 23-25, 2023JW Marriott Hill Country Resort

San Antonio, Texas

Monday – 10:30 a.m. Sessions

How to Buy 100+ Cars a Month from the Public MasterClass

Presented by Danny Zaslavsky – General Manager Country Hill Motors (Merriam, Kansas)

What if you could maximize every step of the inventory lifecycle to decrease costs, increase gross and turn, and achieve the highest authentic value? It’s time to diversify your acquisitions channels with private party purchasing to avoid unnecessary fees and transportation costs. This ain’t your father’s inventory management strategy. This session will show you how to stop racing to the bottom price…and how to sell on value. You will learn how to invest in data-based and scientifically proven inventory performance management. Best of all, you will see how to deliver your inventory where and how your customers want to see it by pushing your inventory to the right buyers at the right time. 

A BHPH Business Plan – Know Where You Want to GO

Presented by Jim & Michelle Rhoads – Partners The Octane Group

If you are an entrepreneur new to BHPH, considering BHPH, or your BHPH operation is not performing the way you would like – this session is for you. Jim and Michelle consult with numerous dealers every year and help build strategic BHPH business plans. You must first know where you want to go, is your goal to increase cash flow or increase equity? Attendees will dig into important questions about acquiring capital, determining how much capital is needed, selecting the right inventory, marketing to the right customer, and much more. A BHPH business plan is not the same as any old business plan, come participate in this lively conversation and leave with a clear idea of how to get where you want to go. 

TxDMV: Advertising Dos and Don’ts

Presented by Corrie Thompson – Director of Enforcement Division Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

In this 50-minute session, attendees will learn about advertising laws, what constitutes an advertisement, and how to ensure advertisements are “accurate, clear, and conspicuous”. TxDMV Director of Enforcement Division, Corrie Thompson will discuss how the agency responds to complaints about advertising filed against your dealership and unveil the most common violations dealers are making today. If you are a dealer in Texas, this is a session you cannot AFFORD to miss. 

Minimize Risks and Improve Profits with a Financial PostMortem

Presented by Harlene Doane – Chief Operations Manager DealerStrong

Retailing vehicles can create enormous profits, but it also comes with considerable risks. As a dealer or owner, you should decide how much risk you want to accept, not your employees. In this session, Harlene will show you how you can minimize risk, including theft, and improve profits with a focused financial postmortem each month.   

Family Business Succession Planning: Driving Your Dealership into the Future

Dealer Panel Discussion
Panelists: Kathrine Tolsch (CICO Auto Sales, Dallas), Greg Zak (Dixon Motors, Houston), Paul Scott (Fiesta Motors, Lubbock)
Moderator: Jeremy Lurey – Consultant, The Family Business Consulting Group

A successful multi-generation family business can create a legacy that offers tremendous wealth-generating potential. The best dealerships build healthy pipelines of leaders capable of advancing to the next level. During this session, we’ll review the challenges independent dealers face as owners transition leadership responsibilities from one generation to the next. We’ll hear from an expert in succession planning and a panel of TIADA members to review some of their successes and pain points in driving their dealerships into the future. We’ll also discuss your options to engage non-family executives and get the greatest value out of your business if you do choose to sell or winddown.