July 23-25, 2023JW Marriott Hill Country Resort

San Antonio, Texas

Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. Sessions

Frontline Ready – Making Money Before the Sale

Dealer Panel Discussion
Mark Gallas (Drive Casa, Dallas); Zach Smith (VP Auto Sales, Garland); Jason Gregory (Abilene Used Car Sales, Inc., Abilene)

Every dealer knows you make your money when you buy the car, right? The really good dealers know every day that the vehicle is not on the frontline, it’s costing them money. Don’t miss this panel of top Texas dealers as they share best practices from their recon/make ready department. Each will walk you through their process of getting vehicles from the auction to the frontline and how it increased their bottom line. Don’t overlook this essential component of every dealership. 

Don’t Sell Yourself Out of Business – Know Your Numbers & Thrive!

Presented by Eddie Hale – President/CEO, Neighborhood Autos (Decatur, TX) and Greg ReineOwner,  Auto Liquidators (Dallas, TX)

Cash is king, so how do you make the numbers work as a BHPH dealer? Eddie Hale and Greg Reine have over 60 plus years of collective experience as BHPH dealers. They will both tell you, understanding your numbers is step one to finding success in the BHPH industry. These two are not CPAs, they are expert car dealers who speak car dealer language when it comes to capital, cashflow, financials, and making a profit. This session is for any BHPH dealer looking to gain a basic and important understanding of BHPH numbers. 

Keeping the BHPH Momentum Going

Presented by Ken Shilson – President Subprime Analytics, LLC

Pandemic disaster and necessity provided new opportunities to the BHPH industry that fueled innovation resulting in more success in the past couple of years than anyone anticipated. In this session Ken will share the latest trends and perspectives for the Subprime Industry and will provide sound advice on what you need to do to take advantage of the unique situation we are in to keep the momentum going, the collections flowing in, the debt shrinking, and the ability to adapt ever present. 

YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine, Take Advantage of It!

Presented by Mark Ferguson – Director of Performance Dealer World

This is your opportunity to learn some easy steps to build a video campaign. Mark Ferguson, Director of Performance at Dealer World, will show you how to build a personality for your brand with a YouTube strategy. Because more consumers than ever are shopping for vehicles online, the best way to put a face on your dealership is with an organic YouTube strategy. Mark highlights the importance of video in today’s marketplace and some best practices for video production and publication. Come see some real-world dealership examples to help get you started with your own YouTube strategy. 

Leadership: Focus on the Culture and the Sales Will Follow

Presented by Glenn Lundy – President 800% Elite Automotive Club

With over 24 years of automotive sales experience, including running the second-largest used car franchise dealership in America, Glenn Lundy knows first-hand how to scale volume, profitability, employee retention, and the overall culture in your dealership. In this session you will learn to raise the standard of average, creating an environment where it is safe to stand out and thrive! Glenn will help you understand not just the importance of building teams to make sure they perform at their best, but the actual strategies on how to do so. His philosophy of entertaining while educating creates a fun and memorable experience for all in attendance, and ensures you walk away with powerful strategies that you can implement at your dealership immediately to promote excellence and move the needle.